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Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Job, New Love

My first job for 2012 was working at Cafe Roma, an Italian cafe downtown. It had probably some of the best Italian cuisine in Sacramento (coming from a guy who lived in Italy for 4 years). I was the guy who was frothing your capuccino so no need to compliment me on the lasagna. Roma was good caffeinated fun but man doesn't live on coffee alone so I had to move on. I think everyone should have one of those barista jobs to start with so you know what it's like to work a day and a half to buy the cheapest pair of Oakley's. In the end, I didn't by the Oakley's.

Instead, I started interviewing. I had never been in a real job interview before and I had heard that there were a lot of rules and things you should or shouldn't say. Unfortunately, I don't do well with rules and the tube that connects my brain to my mouth is very short. So I walked into Honda and told I've never sold anything in my entire life. Somehow I got the job on the spot so now I sell Honda automobiles. If you come by Elk Grove Honda sometime I'll take you for a spin in the 2012 Si Coupe. Commission jobs have no guarantees but for some of us that's not just the story of a salary but the story of life itself. The car lot does have it's semi-romantic twists. There's a certain satification in seeing a lady pull up in a 96 clunker with exhaust tuberculosis and then send her on her way in a sleek new Civic.

Shortly after that I started some online dating and fell in love. We meet almost every evening on She's Italian. She's a Ducati Hypermotard 796 - red edition. Perhaps a little out of my league but the relationship is maturing slowly. I'd rather not show off so if you want to see her you'll need to go to yourself.

Got the job. Almost got the girl. Life is good.

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