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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1st Ever

This is my first blog ever; naturally, my first blog entry, as well. And if someone comments on this blog and I comment back it will be my first blog conversation. I named this blogspot "Told you you could do it" for two reasons. 

First, those are the words God most often says to me. In difficulties He's quiet, almost introverted it seems. I begin to wonder, to doubt that I'll make it through before I finally succeed. Then, with my face in my hands and feeling dum, I have to hear Him say, "Told you you could do it."

The second reason is that those are the words I most enjoy saying to others. Not because I gloat when proved right but because I like to see others succeed. There was a time when I didn't succeed. Now, I succeed every once in a while and through it all I've learned that if each person in this world had someone behind him wishing him success rather than just wishing him luck, then maybe more people would succeed. That would be good.

The end. Well what did you expect? It's my first blog and given my academic history I'm lucky I punched out two paragraphs. I think I just heard someone say, "Told you you could do it."